Jennifer AKA Intimate Spins

Owner / Instructor
Rene’ Mulholland

Jennifer is a Master Instructor at Soft Sensuous Moves.  She took her first pole class at SSM in 2010 after being a stay at home mom for over 10 years.  She had no formal training in gymnastics or dance before starting pole, just the desire to move and rediscover herself after the hustle and bustle of family life with 3 boys and a husband.  With a new found love for dance she started to perform and compete.  Jennifer currently holds the Miss Texas Pole Star Ultimate Champion 2014 title, along with Miss Texas Pole Dance Fitness 2011, Miss Texas Pole Star Miss Triter 2011, Southern Regional Champion 2012, Southern Regional Miss Flexibility 2012, Miss Texas Pole Star Doubles Champion 2013, and 1st Runner for Miss Texas Pole Star Ultimate Division 2013.  Ultimately, I love to teach and nurture students and athletes in finding what moves them.