Heather AKA Kat

Owner / Instructor
Rene’ Mulholland

One night in 2009, I went to a club that had a 20 foot pole.  There was a dancer that climbed all the way to the top and performed tricks.  A week later I saw an ad for SSM in a magazine and the rest is history.  Pole dancing has been life changing for me.  Its led me to this amazing supportive group of non-judgmental women!  Its given me a stronger body physically, but what surprised me most is the confidence it has given me.  I have performed in front of audiences, I have won money in contest.  Standing up for myself in a staff meeting is nothing now!  Sometimes at the end of a class I feel tired but I also feel energized and stretched and kinda like a bad ass!  I am a certified fitness instructor and I’ve recently become a certified yoga instructor.  Over the years I fallen in love with different parts of pole dancing.  The tricks, the dancing, right now its the flexibility.  There is something for everyone here and I can’t wait to teach it to you! I am now SSM’s Aerial Yoga Instructor.