Carla AKA Elektra

Owner / Instructor
Rene’ Mulholland

I’m a stay at home mom of a little boy, and have been pole dancing for close to 12 years at SSM. When I took my first class, I fell in love! Pole makes me feel sexy, strong, and has definitely increased my self confidence and improved my body image. I have met so many amazing women at the Studio, and have seen so many positive transformations, both inside and out. It is my home away from home. At SSM, I teach not only Pole, but also Bootcamp, Lower Body Toning class, Resistance Bands Class, Lapdance workshops, and of course the super fun Private Parties.  SSM has been my home away from home, and I am thankful to have discovered this Studio where I have made wonderful friendships with some amazing women.  Rene the owner is an incredible woman, she has truly created the ultimate women’s playground, and continues to inspire her instructors and students to live life to the fullest, to feel confident, and to HAVE FUN!